Expert advice and customized designs to attract
birds, bees, butterflies & other wildlife to
your garden, backyard…

And the frontyard, too!

You know about milkweed, native plants, and birdfeeders, but you want to know more.

You follow the news headlines about the decline of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, but you want to do more. You are alarmed by the widespread use of pesticides. You are concerned about the decline in many of our backyard birds, and you want to do your part to help.

Meanwhile, you are seeing fields and forests being developed all around you…

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You can offset the negative effects of habitat loss and toxic pesticides, right in your own backyard. With my personalized recommendations and custom habitat designs, you can make a big difference for wildlife right where you are.

  • You want to make a safe place for critters in your own yard or garden, but you don’t know where to start. You are overwhelmed by all the information and don’t have the time or energy to sift through it all, let alone figure out how it specifically relates to your own yard or garden.

  • You want to attract bats (that will eat mosquitos to the tune of 1,000 an hour), good garden bugs, and other beneficial wildlife but you’re not sure where to begin.

  • You wonder what to plant for wildlife – all natives…? What about “cultivars” …? Are some non-natives okay? How should I deal with invasive plants?

  • You go to the nursery, are daunted by the choices, and don’t get very good answers to your very good questions.

  • You want to see a greater diversity of colorful birds in your yard, but aren’t sure which ones you can attract, and how to provide good feeding and nesting habitat?

  • If you have water on your land (vernal pools, a stream, or a pond) you want to know all you can about the wildlife that will use it, and how you can improve habitat quality for sensitive species.

As a wildlife ecologist, I thrive on helping you answer your questions.

I will thoughtfully walk through your questions and concerns, and help you enhance your unique landscape for the benefit of wildlife, whether you choose to hire me for one property consultation, several visits, or a habitat design package.

I can also help you certify your yard, garden, or outdoor space as a certified wildlife habitat.

With my personalized attention and customized recommendations, you will find joy and satisfaction in knowing that your space is wildlife-friendly.

Together, we will create a habitat garden that is easy to care for, benefits wildlife in need, and provides an outdoor sanctuary for you and your guests.

It’s easier than you think!